This is YOUR week to… Stay On Course!

What have you committed to lately that you might be slipping up on?

Last week, Rono and I facilitated our Rock Your Biz Retreat at the Gideon Putnam Resort and Spa and even though we only live eight minutes from the Gideon, we decided to stay at the resort to give us more space to relax in advance and show up powerfully for the event.

Unfortunately, the one issue with that decision was that we would not be able to continue with the morning juice program that we had committed to. That meant we would have to take a pause on juicing for a few days even though we had agreed to juice our veggies every morning for six full weeks.veeroffpath

It’s moments like this that can easily turn our best laid plans to ruin if you’re not committed to staying the course.

Even though we consciously took three mornings off from our juicing routine, we had been juicing long enough into our program to notice a big difference in our bodies when we went off course. That made it really easy to hop back on once we were back home again.

However, I can’t say that it’s been that easy with other things like eating healthier or sticking to an exercise routine or remembering to look at my vision board every night.

Falling off the proverbial wagon is something we all deal with time to time when attempting to change a behavior or habit. The quickest solution I have found to getting back on board is…

1. Forgive yourself for taking a detour and understand that is all it is… just a detour.

2. Remember why you made the decision to change your behavior in the first place and reconnect with that why.

3. Set a plan for what you need to do to get back on track. This could be as simple as scheduling and prepaying for your next yoga class or making sure that you go to the grocery store on your way home so that you actually buy the foods you need to stay on course.

4. Ask a friend, spouse or co-worker to hold you accountable to getting back in your groove. Be specific with them on how you need that to look.

5. Celebrate when you get yourself back on the wagon. Most of us step over this part and therefore don’t reinforce our helpful behavior. Celebrating your recommitment can be as easy as posting a brag on your Facebook page, or calling a friend to share your win. The key is to acknowledge that you are back on track and give yourself a chance to feel good about it.

This week, what will you do to stay on course?

Let us know what you did to deepen your commitments to yourself or what you did to get back in your groove after a temporary slip up. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS AND TIPS BELOW…