The key to becominlovemeg more self loving is to become aware of where you go against yourself on a daily basis and be willing to uncover why that is so you can shift it.

When I find myself acting out of integrity with what I know is in my best interest it is almost always because one (or more) of these reasons…

– the need to be liked
– wanting to please others
– unconscious patterns
– fear of change
– worried about what others will think
– trying to do too much at once
– poor time management

Any and all of those circumstances have a dark alluring energy that if not recognized, can easily pull me off my path to treating myself and my body well.

The best way that I found to stop mistreating myself and move consciously into more loving behavior is to recognize when my actions are being driven by these forces.

The simplest way I know how to do that is to…

1. Notice when you make a choice that doesn’t feel good.

2. Without beating yourself up, ask yourself why you did that.

3. Get curious about the answer and probe deeper if need be. See if you can get to the root of what drove your behavior.

4. Sit with that answer and feel into how you might do / be different next time.

5. Make a new commitment to yourself to learn from this experience.

It’s really a simple process when you actually make space to do this inquiry.

Next time you find yourself not being as loving to yourself as you’d like to be, try this technique out.

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