Your true-heart will never lie to you. It is your thoughts that you must watch out for.

I am not talking about falling in love for that is a feeling and not related to the wisdom of the heart. That feeling is a mirror of what another person has awoken in you. A part that that has laid dormant.

You’ll know it is your true-heart when you close your eyes and feel into yourself and find that feeling of being vibrantly alive. That is the place where you will locate your heart.believingisseeingSimilar to the mind versus the brain. Your true-heart is your truth, your essence, your internal guidance system.

Your true-heart will never guide you astray. Your true-heart is what makes it possible to believe in your greatness and allows you to see and become anything you could imagine or desire. The more you connect with your true-heart the easier it is to move to the better feeling thought. It starts from your true-heart.

When was the last time you listened to your internal guidance system? When you have not, and has it made a difference?  Share Below…