This is YOUR week to… be honest with yourself and others.

Earlier this week I experienced a situation that had me look a lot deeper into how I show up for myself.

Because we are in promotion mode for our upcoming Rock Your Biz Retreat we’ve been on the phone to our tribe much more than usual and attending many more events than we would normally so that we can let people know about our event.

Needless to say, it’s been a very busy few weeks so when I was encouraged to attend yet another event mid week but knew in my heart that it was better for me to stay in and catch up on all the other tasks that were piling up, I found myself in conflict.

Earlier that day, Rono and one of our team members had already made the commitment to attend that event and represent Life Stylized. Though the event sounded fun and interesting to me, I knew that the networking we needed to do would be more than covered by their attendance and that it wouldn’t honestbe necessary for me to go.

However, I wasn’t being truly honest with myself or Rono about that.

Later that evening, when I got done teaching my teleclass and it was still clear that I would be best served by staying home, I sent a text to Rono who was already at the event to see if he thought I should go.  When he responded, YES, hurry… I completely self-abandoned my inner knowing and ran out the door.

Can you imagine what happened next?

When I arrived at the event, I showed up with a chip on my shoulder.  I was short and persnickety with Rono and began finding fault with little things that normally wouldn’t bother me.

What was really happening was that my frustration with myself was being projected on to my environment and Rono.  I just didn’t realize it at the time.

Before the end of the night, Rono and I found ourselves in an unpleasant tiff with each other.  By the time we got home and addressed it, I began to understand that my self-abandoning had everything to do with how the evening ended.

By me not being honest with myself and taking care of my needs, it caused a whole domino effect of yuck for all of us (including our supportive team member).

Can you relate?

Since that moment I’ve learned that being honest with myself is one thing, but being able to communicate that honesty to others is a helpful approach to staying on track and out of troublesome situations.

Here are a few tips that I discovered that I know will help you next time you feel yourself starting to deny your truth (or self-abandon)…

Ask yourself these questions:

1. What do I really want or need right now?

2. Is there anyone who might be affected if I allow myself to have what I want or get what I need?

3. What do I need to communicate with that person or people about what I am needing/ wanting right now?

Once you get clear, make sure to have the dialogue with whomever you know needs to be let in on what is emerging for you.  From there, you can be honest with yourself AND others about what is truly in the highest.

Let us know what you do to create more honesty in your life and if you have any tips for us.