This is YOUR week to… reflect on 2013!

Wow, is it really November already?!

Before you know it the New Year will be here and you’ll be wondering, “Where did the year go?”

You might be thinking, why it’s important to start reflecting. You’re supposed to stay in the present, right?  Let’s be clear, this is about CELEBRATING, not living in the past.

Often we go through life and feel stuck in the same spot, spinning in the same circles. Then, as we begin a practice of looking back on the year and really bringing awareness to how far we’ve come; we actually sit down and write out a list.

This is not about money we’ve made or how many clients we’ve enrolled. Sure, those things are important. What we’re talking about are the internal shifts that have been made to be able to create a foundation of lasting change.

Here are some examples:

  • Deepen my relationship with my sister so that I can articulate my needs to her.
  • Track my income and expenses six months in a row.
  • Say “no” when my intuition is guiding me even though my monkey mind says I “should.”
  • Traveled more and discovered more about who I am.

When you take stock of your creations and achievements, you can be truly aware of the groundwork you’ve laid to move forward powerfully and purposefully in your life, love and business.

When is the last time you reflected on and took stock of all you have created and achieved in the past twelve months?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself as you reflect back on your year:

1. How have my relationships with my loved ones shifted and evolved?

2. What limiting beliefs have I become aware of and begun releasing?

3. What new connections or interests have I explored?

4. How have I been expressing more authentic parts of myself?

5. What new and amazing experiences have I had created?

Since this is YOUR week to reflect on 2013, what will you do create that experience in your life?

Notice how you feel when you become aware of all the glorious creations and achievements you have manifested this past year. Let us know where the journey takes you and what the landscape looks like.