This is YOUR week to… get comfy in your clothes.

Is it fun to be fashionable? Yes! Does it feel good to wear clothes that express your personality? Absolutely!! Does it have to be at the cost of taking care of your body? No!!!

I have recently begun to think of my body as the vehicle that carries me around this planet to do the work that I love. With that thought in mind, I have been more conscious about how my body feels, even in the clothes that I’m wearing.

I have a super hot pair of jeans that makes my butt look phenomenal. However, when I’m sitting at my desk working on my computer or moving around on my feet leading a workshop, those jeans just don’t work. They make me feel constricted and limited in how I can move my body.

When my body is comfortable and free to move, I am more present and get better results in my life, love and business.

When you feel confident in what you are wearing on the outside it supports you feeling great on the inside. That feeling breeds internal success and then emulates that as external success.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing what clothes to put on your body:

1. How do I FEEL today?

2. What will I be doing today and what clothes will help me be the most successful in these activities?

3. How long will I be wearing this outfit and will I have an opportunity to change during the day?

Since this is YOUR week to get comfy in your “clothes,” what will you do create that experience in your life?

Notice what you base your clothing choices on and consider how your body feels in your clothes throughout the day. Let us know what you do to make your clothing choices and if you have any tips for us.