So often in life we want the quick fix and that instant gratification is what drives us day to day. Unfortunately we are left with this insatiable appetite for desiring even more. All of the sudden we find ourselves unfulfilled and longing for more then we posses at the time. We skirt around the issues and seek things outside ourselves time and time again. From technology to fashion, food to friendships and nothing ever suffices. Nothing ever eliminates the longing we are needing fulfilled.

The reality is that these are temporary solutions, a mere band-aid. When we are not willing to stand in the uncomfortable but instead choose to reach outside for comfort, we create an environment where nothing will ever satisfy.  This can lead to an unhelpful pattern.

I emplore you to stand in the mess. Embrace the fear and go through the challenges that come to you. The more you do, the more you expand. The more you expand, the more you become alive and arrive at the place where you and you alone are enough.

What have you gone through lately to get where you wanted to go?