This is YOUR week to… go inside.

I have been told that I am an extrovert.  Which for me means that I refill my tanks by being around other people more than I do with time spent alone.  Therefore I am always seeking out the next best “party”.  Whether that is an actual party or quality time spent with loved ones, both offer the same rejuvenation.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t need my own space or enjoy time alone.  It simply means that I LOVE hanging with others and that keeps me feeling alive like nothing else.

This past week, Sierra and I were apart for yet another seven days.  Any other given week we spend 93.26% of our time together.  With her absence I found myself in a space that I have been before but ultimately not too familiar with… being alone.

In that space, what I became most present too were some old thoughts patterns that in the present tense of my life did were not very supportive to the relationship we have cultivated. In order to do something with them I kept searching outside of myself for the answers to the questions that were coming up for me.
The overwhelming theme that continually was reflected back to me by friends and people that I trust was to go within. The answers that I was seeking would not be found in external influences. The only way to truly know what was going on with me and the emotions that surrounded them was to ask my internal guidance system what was really going on.

At first I thought this was the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard because most times it seems easier to get instant gratification outside of myself. To have to sit quietly and listen, ask for support and be vulnerable is not something as a man that I feel comfortable doing all the time.

Finally after a week of being told that I need to go within one wise woman I met randomly helped me to see the importance of it and how empowering it could be for what I was wanting.

I’m not a big fan of the traditional meditation style. I’m finding that how I go in is different.  What’s my meditation?  Physical movement, mindless action, clear intention?

I began to move my body and not think about what was going on in my head.  This space allowed me to become clear, to allow the thoughts to flow through me and alternately go inside. The gift I received allowed me to calm the insistent need to “go get something” immediately and instead become a witness of this energy.  It was enlightening and helpful for my personal growth.

Here’s what I recommend to help you find clarity and get what you want out of life:

STEP 1: Commit to giving yourself the time and space to go within.

STEP 2: Find a quiet space to sit or move, in silence for 20 to 30 minutes.

STEP 3: Allow your thoughts to flow through you without attention to what the thoughts “mean”.  Basically, you want to become a curious observer of the thoughts. As you become a witness/observer allow space to fill you.

STEP 4: Trust what comes and be open to the guidance.

Since this is YOUR week to go inside, what can you do create that “inner party” in your life?

Notice how you feel when others leave, or when you are alone.  Let us know what you do to settle into that space and if you have an tips for us.  SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS BELOW