Rono and I just returned from an art and radical self-expression festival called Burning Man, an annual event that has been going on in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada since 1986. bman1

I am sharing this with you because the Burning Man experience has served as a major influence in helping us understand who we are on a soul level and how we can bring more of our authentic self-expression into our lives, business and communities.

There really isn’t any easy way to describe Burning Man other that to say that it offers a flame thrower worth of energy to ignite the pilot light of your soul. It is a temporary experiment in community based on 10 core values (or principles) to guide that experience.

The interesting thing about Burning Man is that even though the festival itself takes place every year on the dry lake bed topography that we call The Playa, the ideology and community lives on far beyond the desert.

Burning Man regional groups have formed not just all over the country, but all over the world. The people of those communities have made a conscious effort to bring their Burning Man experience, values, creativity and expression back into mainstream society in hopes that the gift that is Burning Man can contribute greatly to the rest of society.

This year, Rono and I had many conversations about how we might personally bring our piece of Burning Man culture, expression and self-connection back to you.

Though we’re still in the process of forming something tangible, I will leave you with a few ideas to help inspire YOUR self-expression (both inside and out) this week.

1. Be Bold

When you see someone (friend or stranger) who inspires you in some way, tell them. Strike up a conversation, say something silly to them, ask them a random question. You’ll be surprised at how often this incites a new conversation and connection. (Rono does this ALL the time and we’ve met some amazing people as a result)

2. Add Flair

Get a little wild with your wardrobe this week. Put on that crazy patterned scarf or wear those wacky shoes to a party or meeting this week. Most of us are scared of what others will think about us if get too wild with our clothing, so we taper our creativity to “fit in.” But having been a purple haired cheerleader (back in high school) I can tell you that putting a little flair into your appearance is not only fun, it can be a fabulous way to get to know new people or share more of your lovely character with those who would love to get to know another side of you.

3. Embrace Intimacy

Everyone human being on the planet craves love, intimacy and acceptance. The problem is, many of us are so wounded from past hurts that we keep people we care about at a distance. This week, be willing to express yourself through vulnerability. Speak from your heart, share something special or give someone you care about a long overdue compliment. Watch how much that opens for you and them. Express your love in new and interesting ways.

Since this is YOUR week, what will you do to create more radical self-expression in your life?

Notice what happens when you step outside your comfort zone and begin to share more of your saucy self with the world. Be sure to share your experience with us below!