This is YOUR week to… Mix it up!

Here is the deal. If you are feeling stuck or frustrated what can you do about it? I recommend when you are in doubt about what needs to happen in your life, look to nature for the answer.

For example: What happens to water when it sits still for a long period of time? It grows algae and becomes contaminated with disease and bacteria. The same is true in your life both internally and externally.

I have personally found that when things are not in flow its time to MIX IT UP! mixup

If you stay stagnant for too long all the “not so good” stuff starts to settle in. A little movement might be just the right trick to help things shift. Here are some awesome techniques that Sierra and I use in our lives to feel alive again.

1. Four times the charm

At the change of every season each individual changes too. It actually has been going on the entire three months but we become most aware of it when we see it in our surroundings and smell it in the air.

With each change of season, do yourself a favor and change your physical environment too. This could be as simple as changing your bed or couch from one wall to another or taking up an area rug in summer and putting it down in winter. This could also be as complex as shifting a whole room or house around to fit who you are now. Either way making those physical shifts in your environment will help you feel more alive and in alignment with your space and self.

2. Take out the trash

Get rid of all the extra “stuff” that you no longer need in your life and simplify. Get all your girlfriends to clear out their closets (and you too). Then get together for a clothing swap. Get some new duds and donate the rest to charity. It’s super fun and everyone wins.

You can also clear out your extra nick-knacks, appliances, and stuff that you no longer use and donate it or have a yard sale before the weather changes. We have a 2 year rule… if we haven’t used something or thought about it in over 2 years, it’s time to move it along!

3. Participate in a short cleanse

Every health practitioner and nutritionist I know recommends doing a simple cleanse at least twice a year. Our modern world is filled with millions more toxins than existed a hundred years ago. For this reason alone it is important to aid our hard working bodies and rid ourselves of that unneeded strain.

It is also fun to do with a partner or friend. Either way giving yourself a clean slate to start the next leg of your journey will be super supportive to positive growth and expansion in all area’s of your life. When you feel good inside everything falls perfectly into place. Plus, doing a cleanse makes you think, see and be different around your food habits.

Since this is YOUR week to mix it up, what will you do to shift your internal and external environment to create more flow in your life?

Notice how you feel when you mix it up and see what becomes easier in your life. I bet you have some great ideas yourself of how to mix it up, so share your ideas and experience with us!  SHARE BELOW…