GayHendricksToday Sierra and I had the privilege to meet one of our heros, Gay Hendricks. For those of you who know him he needs no introduction. For those of you who do not, you are in for a treat. Gay, like Sierra and I has been empowering lives for his entire life. Not only does he have an amazing heart but he also cares deeply about the people he helps. In the brief time we spent together I got to get a real sense of his depth.

Sierra and I usually get along splendidly together. However not too long ago our relationship was under a lot of stress and turmoil. What saved our relationship and allowed the two of us to connect in deeper and more profound ways than we had in this and past relationships whas Gay’s teachings. Specifically the teachings in his book “Conscious Loving“. There is a lot to uncover in this book as it is teaches you to be co-committed instead of co-dependent.

Keep your ears open for the next post about this experience… really cool. I want to get back to the sunshine here at Omega before we leave tomorrow.

See you soon,

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Meeting a hero: Gay Hendricks with Rono & Sierra at Omega Institute