Have you ever really wanted to do something until you hear that sneaky word “BUT” pop up in your head leading to many excuses as to why you “shouldn’t” do it?  scratchbuts

This challenge comes from roots buried deep in your subconscious.  Its true purpose is to keep you out of danger.

The challenge is that your brain cannot differ when something is actually happening and when it is just imagining it happening. The same chemicals are released inside regardless of the experience (or thought) being real or just a memory.  Why is this important?

When you become aware of the non-supportive belief in your life, you can choose a different path.

Instead of falling for the old “I would do this… BUT” you can choose to see the question as an opportunity for liberation.

Ask yourself:
Is this something I really want?
Would this make my life and everyone involved better?

Overcome your desire to say… yes, BUT.

You can use “and, so, or, I would rather, no thank you”

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