This is YOUR week to… take care of yourself!
(Brought to you by our Brilliant team member, Alaina)

We’re talking about self-care.  What does that really mean?

Does self-care mean that you follow all of the latest nutrition tips so that your body looks a certain way?  Or, does it mean that you go to yoga class three times a week so that you can get in to the pose on the cover of Yoga Journal?

Here at Life Stylized, self-care is all about identifying your true gifts and passions so that you can share them with the world in a sustainable way.  loveme

One of the most important things you can do in this process of self-care is to take time away from the busy world around you to really get to know yourself.

When you spend all of your time running from meeting to meeting or reading all the latest blog posts, your head gets filled up with information overload.  Then your body starts to process all this overload from the external world (that may or may not resonate with you) and that is where dis-ease and pain set in.

When you step away, this gives you time to process all of the information and filter out what does not apply to you.  You can also begin to really listen and take note of the creative urges that begin to emerge from within.  These messages are coming from your true self and will lead you to how you can best serve others and yourself.

Since this is your week to shift into more empowering ways of being for YOU, what can you do this week for your self-care?  (Let us know below what you plan to do this week)

Maybe you can take a walk outside, go for a drive, or even take two or three conscious breaths.  Be sure to watch resistances or excuses that may pop up to prevent you from taking the time and DO IT anyway!