I want to introduce you to a friend of mine.  Her name is Hagatha Crusty.

I first met Hagatha a few months ago but I’m clear she’s been in my life for much, much longer.

One day I was dolling myself up in the mirror and there she was… Mrs. Crusty.  She kept trying to convince me that I was looking old and haggard and therefore should just not go out.

For a while I began to listen to her and noticed an immediate slump in my energy coupled with a frustrated feeling coming on.  But then I realized that Hagatha, who is very Crusty, was just one of many inner critics who hagathamake it a point to tell me I’m no good in various ways.  Can you relate?

As soon as I made that connection, I was able to connect with Hagatha to get the real story behind her criticism of me.  It turns out she was alerting me to be aware that I had been running myself ragged.  Meaning that I was in need of a little TLC for my body and soul… okay, maybe a lot.

Hagatha reminds me of an old grandma, who means well, but tells you when you are looking old, fat, or not at your best because she’s afraid you’re getting too much sun or not enough nourishment.

Yep that’s Hagatha and she comes out at least once a month to hound me about my self-care.  However, since I now have become aware of her presence in my life, I am able to quickly get to the bottom of her need when she appears with her criticism.

Discovering and developing a mastery over my own critical voices has been the driving force behind much of my personal and professional success over the past 10 years and now it is time to share this powerful and fun technique with you.

Join us this week to tap into some of your own inner characters and discover how to turn their criticism into fuel for your success.

My gift to you is hosting this two part empowerment series that will have you laughing and feeling good about who you are and what you have to offer.

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See ya on the call!