It’s been just under a week since our Rock Your Biz Retreat happened and we are AMAZED at the huge successes that have already happened for those in attendance.

We had to share some of the INCREDIBLE wins that became possible for participants simply by taking two days out from their daily grind to learn and grow in this empowering business environment.

It’s truly inspiring!rybgroup

This was generated by participants BEFORE they even left the room…

  • Deborah received over $3,000 worth of business for her brand new photography package.
  • Theresa booked a session with a new massage client who is her ideal customer avatar.
  • M’elle booked THREE appointments with two new clients and one who she had not seen in a while.

And shortly after the event…

  • Gabriel created and launched a brand new program for his coaching business.
  • Donna learned how to edit and post her new juicing video tips online.
  • Valerie S. busted through a block that had been keeping her stuck for months and finally put together some really awesome package deals for her VA services.

And these are just SOME of the many highlights!

You see, you can’t solve a problem from the SAME mindset that created the problem. That’s why it’s important to take time out to see your business from a NEW perspective whenever possible.

This week, Rono and I are doing the same!  We decided to go on our very own business retreat up to his family’s summer cottage on Chaumount Bay.

Not only is it divine but money has been coming in EVERY DAY since we arrived (with no new effort on our part)!

When is the last time YOU took time-out to get a birds eye view on YOUR business?

You can’t afford NOT to.