Do you ever find yourself looking around at other people’s lives or success and wonder… why not me?

We call this the “comparison trap” and it is the fastest way to steal the thunder from your daily joy. comparisonYou see, when you compare yourself to others, it causes you to make a whole lot of assumptions about that person’s life or circumstance which then creates a story in your head that reinforces the negative beliefs you hold about yourself.

The trick to avoiding the comparison trap is to be aware of what you are projecting and instead of making yourself feel bad, see if you can instead find admiration and inspiration in what you see and use it as a catalyst for your growth.

What you focus on will expand so if you find yourself thinking negatively about someone’s life or circumstance… or your own, you will attract more of the same.

Instead, see if you can create a more empowered thought when you catch yourself comparing.

Get curious about what you see.

Be willing to ask yourself, why am I feeling so negative about this person or situation.  What do I believe about myself that’s causing me to react this way?

Asking yourself questions rather than making a snap judgement or story about yourself or others will help you to reveal the places in your heart that need a little TLC.

Keep on loving yourself!