Rono and I have been going through some growing pains lately in our efforts to step up our game and become more aligned with how to bring our best selves (and talents) forward in the evolution of our business.

This process has been somewhat painstaking because for something new to truly emerge means that something else has to be released and that “something” is comfortableness.

The good news is… nature abhors a vacuum, so the sooner you are able to let go of what does not serve, the sooner it can be filled with something bigger and better.

The bad news is that letting go of the old and the comfortable can be the most difficult part of change.

With evolution comes chaos because without chaos there would be no force to drive the evolution. And that is exactly what we’ve been experiencing… chaos!

Being empowerment specialists though means we’re committed to feeling our way through the chaos. One of our main motto’s is…biggerfeeling

Instead of running away from intense feelings that tend to surface when a growth spurt feels inevitable, we choose to acknowledge the profound healing that is available to us.

How will you choose to navigate your feelings when they feel, well… BIG?

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