While you read this, I (Sierra) am just returning from a spiritual exploration of myself and my feminine power in the jungles of Peru.

Are you wondering what that’s all about?angel

For a few years, I have felt the yearning for a solo journey to a spiritual and nature filled land to give myself a chance to unplug from the patterns I’ve created in my life and work.

Most of my adult life I have committed my path to teaching women about the power of the feminine to bring about great transformation on both a personal and planetary level.  However, I have also struggled with an imbalance (and mistrust) of that same feminine energy in my own life.

So what my soul guided to me toward to help me get more balanced around what I speak and what I live is this journey to the sacred lands of Peru to sit in ceremony with wise sages and open my heart to more acceptance and integration of myself and my true path.

I look forward to sharing more with you upon my return.