I recently got back from a spiritual journey deep in the jungles of Peru which was a journey that transformed me on such a deep level that I will never be the same again.

As I shared with you a few blogs ago, my main intention for this trip was to deepen my connection to my feminine essence.  What happened to me was far beyond that… I experienced a profound awakening of my feminine heart. 

Since I’ve returned, people keep commenting on how much lighter I look and how much clearer I am.  It’s true.

And now, I am ready to bring the wisdom I received in Peru to the women in this beloved community.
(And you don’t even have to go to Peru to get it)

In this new video, I share more of that experience with you and offer a special and exclusive invitation for those who yearn to experience your own feminine awakening to take a journey with me.  (Women only)

Sacred Invite video still1



PS- I’m not the only thing that’s in the rebirth process! Watch for our newly revamped e-zine format coming soon.