Ladies- this one is for YOU!

I woke up the in a bad mood the other day and for some reason I was hell bent on being pissed off. Of course, Rono, being closest to me, got the full brunt of my pissy-ness. (Men, can you relate?)

Luckily, he knows this mood well, he even knows her by name. Let me introduce her to you.

Her name is… Little Miss Piss! pissed-off-girl

Little Miss Piss is one of my critical voices that becomes quite vocal when things aren’t going according to plan. This inner character of mine has been known to cause all sorts of trouble in my life, business and relationships. Especially when her needs are not being met.

I became aware of her one day while working with a gifted healer who helped me see and personify this unhappy personality in me.

In this discovery I learned that by naming a behavior that might be perceived as nasty to the outside world (or at least to those closest to me), I could begin to understand why that attitude shows up for me, see what it actually needs and begin to shift the behavior… immediately.

This is the work I call, Taming Your Inner Critic. This transformational process has helped me reconcile and resolve some of the most painful issues or problems in my life.

Understanding yourself at this profound level is essential to solving the pain and struggles in your life. It’s the work that supports every other personal & professional development that you do.

I know because it has worked for me and I want to teach this amazing process to you! (Ladies only this time).

Read on for all the details and if this process calls to you in ANY way, make sure to RSVP right away. for my FREE call!

Shine On-

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PS- Want to see what Rono did to help tame Little Miss Piss (and why she was pissed)? Check out this video!