One of the most dreaded words we hear in our business is the word, TRY.

“I’ll TRY to change.”

“I’m TRYING to be better.”

“I’ll TRY to be there.”

Newsflash… you can never TRY to do anything.  You either DO it or you DON’T.

Saying that you will “try” means that you aren’t fully committed.  It signifies that you haven’t really made a choice to move in a direction or to take solid action on something.


This week, we challenge you to take notice of where you use the word TRY.  Pay attention to what’s really behind any and all statements that you choose to use it in.  What decision (or lack of decision) has been made when you use the word try?

Instead, we invite you to drop the word TRY from your vocabulary and say what you really mean and mean what you really say.  It’s the first step toward taking intentional action in your life.

You in?

We’d love to hear how you are doing with your use of the word TRY.  Please share your experience with us below!