As you probably know by now, Rono and I live much of our life on the road less traveled.

ALI_CRAIG_MESAIn fact last week, we attended a blissful business retreat in the deep desert of Arizona where we had a fabulous time relaxing, eating delicious raw food, soaking for hours in a huge natural hot spring, learning new information and deeply connecting with other high-level entrepreneurs and forward thinking professionals.

It was heaven!

In fact, one major highlight was booking a coaching session with two of our favorite colleagues and mentors and doing that session while IN the hot springs.

It was an amazing experience that got us thinking about how we’ve been taught to do business in the “matrix world” and what can be created when you are willing to go outside the usual business box and invite new experiences in.

Getting coached while scantily clothed in a natural hot spring may not be your idea of business growth, (and possibly nowhere near your comfort zone), however, the idea of doing things outside of your comfort zone to get you seeing new results is what we specialize in here at Life Stylized.

Today’s featured video is about how we had a breakthrough is our ability to see things from a new perspective that wil directly translate to our ability to manifest.

If you want a little “behind the scenes” dialogue with us filmed while on vacation, check it out.

“Only he is successful in his business who makes that pursuit which affords him the highest pleasure sustain him.” – Henry David Thoreau