BS – Belief Systems or your “thought print” is the underlying operating system that you have been running since you were as little as 5 yearnobss old.  This BS has been running in the background of your life and keeping you safe.  In many ways it is very supportive as it keeps you from burning your finger on a hot stove or from falling off a cliff.  This same system will keep you from growing into new ways of being that help generate more money, increased happiness and overall supportive habits.

When something happens in your life that is not agreeable to your BS then we create agreements about this one incident.  We then create an entire story about it and hold it as an absolute truth.

We ask you to watch your BS – This is the #1 differentiator between successful entrepreneurs and struggling ones.  If you buy into a belief you can; then you can.  If you believe you aren’t good smart enough or good enough… well… then you aren’t.

What do you believe to be true about yourself?

What are you worried about?

Circle the one thing on these lists that is the umbrella for everything else.

Staying invested in that one thing doesn’t serve you.  Are you ready to let go of that today and move forward?

Please share with us any a-ha’s or things that you need clarity on by posting a comment below.