I used to wonder this often as I watched my colleagues and mentors go from surviving to thriving in what seemed like a very short amount of time.

Even though I was excited for their success and inspired by the possibility it showed for me, there were many a times where I found myself getting downright negative and judgmental of my self because I had not yet “achieved” all that I wanted to for my life and business.

With every new email or facebook post I would read about someone else’s BIG breakthrough and massive success, I would find myself feeling bad and wondering if my day would ever come too.   success

Have you ever felt like that?

After finally getting sick and tired of my own self-limiting thoughts, I figured out a way to make a shift.

What happened was, I began to realize that no matter how much outward action you might take to reach your goals, if you don’t have these KEY ingredients in your success recipe, you will wind up with a nice slice of mediocre pie and a much less satisfying result.

1.     Never, ever give up.

2.    It’s never as easy as it looks

3.    The inner work is just as important as the outer work.

4.    Believe in Yourself.

Let’s break these down…

1.) The key to achieving any amount of success is to stay in the game long enough to actually see the results.  Look at an Olympic athlete… they train for years to get to that one place where they become an “overnight success”.

Most entrepreneurs that I have met give up when they are three feet from the gold.  Then try a new project and do the same thing.  No wonder they get burnt out, frustrated and confused at why success does not happen for them.  In order to reach the gold you MUST never give up and if success is truly what you want get as much support, as you need to keep moving forward.

2.) You probably have heard the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.”  The same is true when comparing yourself to others.  There is a lot of hard work that goes into building a lasting business.

Everyone has had struggles and I mean everyone.  If you want an inspiring story read something from Oprah or Richard Branson.  They overcame many challenges and today are some of the wealthiest and respected entrepreneurs around.  If you can connect into your “WHY” (the reason you do what you do) then it will be so much easier to keep moving on when the going gets tough.

3.) We often say here at Life Stylized that “Your business can grow only as much as you grow.”  This is a piece of intel that is often missed by a new business owner.

When you are thinking thoughts that compel you forward and when you are feeling intuitively from a place of knowing you can make decisions that propel your business success.  If you fail to look inside and get support on your inner game (The thoughts you think and the way you feel) you will only have business as “big” as you are.

4.) Probably the number one place where we support our clients is with self worth.  Most of them love themselves and are doing the work.  However often times there is an underlying belief that they are not good enough and thoughts like “who would really care to buy from me anyways?”

Belief is the single most important ingredient to achieving anything in your life.  You must believe it first and then you will see it.  If you do not believe it you will always be looking and searching and never discover the success you desire.

Believing is seeing.