med mobMore than 60 people gathered for Saratoga Springs first ever Med Mob on Friday, April 5th.  It was a powerful and profound experience for all.

There was lots of love brought to the streets of Saratoga Springs, and it was truly amazing meeting and connecting with everyone in such a powerful way. It is clear that this is a very special community, and people were yearning for more chances to gather.

Let’s keep building these connections. The next big event that we are holding is Cool Conscious Connections, and it is coming up soon. This will be another powerful event that will help to connect you with even more conscious folks! Whether you want to expand your personal network, or build your business, this event is not to be missed.

You can’t be part of the change if you don’t show up.

Please take a moment to register for the next event to continue to build this community.

Med Mob2