ServeOne of the most common mistakes we see business owners make time and time again is not being clear on WHO they serve and HOW they serve them.

Most of us get into business knowing there is a need for our product or service based on a problem that our business is here to solve, but somewhere along the way, we forget to be clear on exactly WHO we really want to solve that problem for.

Therefore, what happens is we get our business going, things seem really great for a while and THEN… struggle sets in.  You might find yourself exhausted, getting more people saying no than yes, taking any kind of client because you need the money, and soon, you stop focusing on the important things and lose sight of why you got into business in the first place.

Can you relate?

Let’s face it, if you’re not clear on who you serve in your business, life as an entrepreneur can be pretty exhausting!  Good news is, we have the answer.  You ready for it?

You GET to SERVE the people that you LOVE!

Sound exciting?  It is!

One of the BEST things you can do to empower your business is to serve the people you most love and know you can help.  We call this YOUR TRIBE.

How do you know how to choose WHO you serve?

Here are THREE sure fire ways to figuring out the TRIBE you serve.

1. Who is your most favorite client EVER?  
In business, you actually get to help the people you love.  If something is working already and you’re getting results from a certain type of client, then that is where you need to put your attention.  By identifying this, you are one step closer to owning and discovering your tribe.  When you stay focused on that person, whom we call your avatar you begin to call that person in.  Its part of an old universal law which states… “What you focus on grows”.  Start focusing on your ideal client and you will start to see your ideal client in all areas of your life and business.

2. You know you can help them.
There are certain people that you think you can help and others that you KNOW you can help.  Most likely, the people you KNOW you can help are the ones that are most like you OR the those that you already have a great track record in helping (and that you ENJOY helping the most).  When you know the problem you solve, it’s much easier to identify the exact right people you are meant to serve.

3. You LOVE to help them.
Let’s be real.  We all know the difference between an amazing client and a pain in the a** client.  More often than not… ok… maybe most often, the most pain in the butt client is NOT your tribe.  When it comes to choosing your tribe (and seeing the results that come from serving them), you want to choose the people that you adore!  These are the clients that make running your business joyful and purpose-filled.  They love you, they pay you well, and they experience results and satisfaction from your products and services.

Based on these three qualifiers, you can easily fall back in love with you business, AND begin to tailor your marketing and networking efforts in a way that gets you the results you desire.  If you find yourself slipping back into working with people that don’t bring you the utmost joy, chances are you are trying to serve a tribe that is misaligned with your true purpose.

Remember what you focus on grows so start focusing on what you do want and not what you don’t!