… hear me roar!

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day, 102 years strong!




There are hundreds of events honoring this fabulous day happening ALL over the world including a special event that I am directly involved with here in NY.  More on that further down.

If you don’t already have plans to attend a local gathering, here are a few ways that you can join in the celebration in your own way…

Take a moment right now and list 10 reasons why you deserve to be celebrated and honored.  Yes 10!  If you can’t think of that many on your own, call up a few friends and ask them what they love about you.

We so often forget how much we do for the people we love. Make sure to acknowledge all the goodness that you bring to your world.  Starting now, tomorrow and heck.. all weekend long create ways to honor and celebrate yourself.
(I give you FULL permission)

On behalf of all women, I honor and acknowledge you (just for being YOU)!

What amazing woman can you acknowledge for her greatness and contribution today?  Is there a special woman in your life that has helped make your life better, more inspiring or more fulfilling?

Take a moment on this special day and let her know.  You’ll be surprised at how much that means to her.  (Pssst…. she might even be impressed that you even know about International Women’s Day)





Join Us March 8th in Albany, NY!

The 102nd  International Women’s Day

12-2 p.m. NYS Museum Albany
More than 150 women and men gathered for the 1st Annual NY Celebrates Women in 2012 – joining women around the globe to honor the history, accomplishments and spirit of WOMEN!

Sierra will be sharing her own story of turning her dreams into reality and how you can too! 

Make sure to RSVP at:  www.NYCelebratesWomen.com

Hope to see you there!

To learn more about gatherings taking place around the world check out these sites: