upset-customersThis past weekend Rono and I went into overdrive supporting our friends and family with some major life challenges (and changes).

Every once in a while we notice that the S#*T hits the fan for many people at once.  Maybe it has something to do with the cosmos or maybe it’s related to the winter blues but either way, that’s exactly what’s been happening around us.

Given the nature of our business, we are usually the first people our loved ones turn to when their lives begin to spin our of control.  And no matter what the situation is, we have some common ways to deal with it.

Here is our tried and true method for getting through an emotional crisis, outlined for you in 5 profound and necessary steps.

1.  Know it’s happening for a good reason.

We believe that the universe (god/ spirit) conspires for our greatness.  More often than not, humans ignore the early warning signs that show us which direction to take.

If we continue to ignore the signs for too long, but are conscious or even semi-conscious that something needs to change, the universe will make sure to begin implementing the change for you whether you are ready or not.

When this happens, it usually comes in the form of some undesired chaos so that you really pay attention this time.  How you choose to deal with this chaos will dictate how fast you get to move through it.

2.  You’ve got to feel it to heal it.

There is no benefit to fighting off your feelings as they will just resurface in other ways.  So, the best thing to do is to allow them to move through your body. The trick is to NOT attach any meaning or thought to your feeling(s).

Emotion does not have to be attached to a thought or to mean anything at all.  However, it is as necessary of a release to your body as a sneeze or burp.  If you can allow only the raw emotion to be felt and expressed, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it moves through you.

3. Find the gift as fast as you can.

Nothing worthwhile can breakthrough without first breaking something down. It’s just not possible. So when you are immersed in a breakdown situation, know that it means something new is wanting to emerge.

The faster you can direct your thoughts to accepting that, the sooner you will find the gift that is waiting for you. That gift is the gold and a powerful piece to what wants to emerge for your highest good.  Let it come forth.

4.  Take FULL responsibility for the experience you are having.

Your highest self knows what is best for you and like the universe, is going to invite experiences in to your life that will help you grow for the better.  And, somewhere along the way, you made choices that lead you down your current path.

Be willing to accept that you played a role in your experience and know that you have the same power to change your outcome to a more desired one.  Taking 100% responsibility for your situation will empower you to change it.

5. This too shall pass.

Life is full of ups and downs and side to sides. The good thing is… nothing EVER stays the same.  So, no matter how deep the hole may feel to you at the moment, know that it WILL eventually get better and things will improve.

If you allow yourself to acknowledge and work with each of the above steps, you will see yourself on the other side of your problem quite rapidly.  If you choose to wallow in the pain, play the “victim” or consciously choose suffering, you will only make things worse. 

Remember, you and only you has the power to change how you react to your situation.  Be sure to choose the better feeling thought as often as you can.

We promise, your situation will drastically improve, and you will thank us for it!

This is a PROVEN breakthrough model. 

What will you choose?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.