Ready for Different?

Cool shotYou may know Rono and I personally or maybe you get to know us solely through these messages.  One thing we want to make sure you know about us is that we’re a little different.  Well…. maybe more than a little different.

What makes us different is that we are committed to living life as unplugged from the Matrix as possible.  That means we think different, act different and do different.

And guess what-  this gets us amazingly different results than most people around us. (The good kind)

You see, we believe in radical self-responsibility.  That means that YOU are the creator of your destiny and only YOU can dictate the results and outcome of your life.

The problem is, most people like to blame circumstance outside of themselves when things don’t go the way they want.  They find it somehow easier to stay in a victim mentality than to know that they have the power to create a different outcome.

Which role do you play in your life?

Are you a Conscious Creator or a Blame Gamer?

Yes, you do get to choose.  And yes, you will still be responsible for the results you experience.

If you’re feeling like you are ready to step up and claim more for yourself by learning how to become a Conscious Creator then we highly recommend you join us for our Success Night open coaching event happening this Thursday  at 7pm in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Are you ready for more in your life and business? 

Join us and see just how different we are and how we can help YOU get DIFFERENT RESULTS. (The good kind)


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