Inner CriticYou know this thought well!  The one that says to you, “who do you think you are to…” (fill in the blank).

It’s that well known voice that speaks up loud and clear just when you’re about to take a big leap in life.  Or, right before you are about to try something new or out of your comfort zone or knowledge base.

Yes, that is the voice of the Ego, the monster within who is just trying to keep you… “safe.”  An inner vocal attempt to keep you from failing or making a mistake.  God forbid!

We all have that voice of constraint that causes us to doubt our abilities.  It’s there to supposedly keep us from doing something silly, but instead it just causes us to play small and keeps us stuck!

Even though I have yet to find a way to eradicate that voice forever, I have definitely found a very effective way to keep it from stifling my dreams.  Here are three powerful ways that you can tame the beast within. Or,  as some of us call it… the itty bitty shitty committee.  :))  (click to tweet)

1.  Get Curious
The moment you begin to hear or recognize that you are thinking a limiting thought, move quickly into a state of fascination. (click to tweet)  Be like Dora the Explorer and see if you can experience those thoughts with curious inquiry.

Do you best to not attach, buy into or get hooked into the dialogue of your mind.  Instead, become a witness to the process and see what you can discover about the message BEHIND the thought.  (click to tweet)

2. Name the Character
Let’s revisit that itty bitty shitty committee.  We all have one, and it’s made up of various characters who at any given time have some opinion about how you should be living your life.

These characters are an amalgamation of the things that various people in your life have said to you over that years that contributed to your internal beliefs. Mix that in with the agreements you decided on for yourself based on your experiences and you’ve got a real crew to contend with.

The fastest way that I have found to quiet this internal riot is to acknowledge and begin to name the voices so that I can begin to develop a relationship of understanding with the source or root of that “voice.” (click to tweet)

For example, I have two very prominent characters that come up often for me (and are very loud).  I call them Little Miss Piss and The Protective Rebel. They both have unmet needs and will only allow those needs to go unmet for so long before they start taking over my mind and my emotions.  No fun!

I’ve since learned to dialogue with these little beings within and have seen a massive difference in my behavior and outlook on life.  I encourage you to do the same.

3. Be Willing to Listen
Once you’ve given yourself the space to be curious, and to have fun naming the needy voice in your head, you have got to be willing to “hear” what that character has to say.

I’m not telling you to BELIEVE what they have to say.  I’m telling you to read between the lines.  Discover the real need (which is YOUR need) that they have gone to bat for.  The one they are most wrapped up in bringing to your attention.  Maybe the truth below the negative voice is wanting you to look at things from another angle. (click to tweet)

For example, the voice that was telling me how ugly and stupid I am the other day, we probably really trying to say to me, “look, you’re tired, you don’t have the equipment needed to do this project today, maybe you need to plan it our a bit more instead of waste hours for something you won’t be able to use anyhow.”

Usually there is wisdom within the wackiness, you just have to be willing to get real (and raw) with yourself to see it.  (click to tweet) The gift you get from these simple steps, will be present with you for a lifetime!

You’ve just got to be willing to give it a try.

Are you willing?

We’d LOVE to hear how this worked for you, or if you have any tips on taming your inner beast!  Please comment below…