Many people have heard of the concept I’m about to share with you but few truly understand its relevance and importance on your day to day success and long term longevity.  Simply stated it goes like this…

“Your current perceived reality determines your personal, professional and financial outcome- now and in the future.” reality(click to tweet)

What exactly does this mean for you?  I asked myself the same question and committed my life to finding the answer.

I have been studying the power of the mind for nearly a decade and what I have discovered through application and experience is that an individual’s success is 100% determined by the level of thoughts in which they think. (click to tweet)

When you take ownership of your own thoughts and how they incessantly run in your mind you can literally bend time, manifest millions and create anything you desire in life. (click to tweet)

It’s not about being nice to others or having the “right” energy (although I recommend it).  It is not about who you know or what you are doing.  What really makes the difference EVERY time is what you are thinking or the thoughts you think.

Those thousands of little neurons that fire all day long are what determine your reality, your success and your life.  So the BIG question is…


Do your thoughts congratulate you for getting out there and trying your best at something new?  Or do they put you down and tell you “who the hell do you think you are?”  Are your thoughts encouraging or diminishing?  Are they the better feeling thoughts or are they limiting thoughts?

When you choose the better feeling thought you choose success over failure.  (click to tweet)

I have seen people turn around relationships and financial turmoil simply by changing the way they think and the way they relate to the thought itself.

Now this can take years to master however I have found that it only takes a single conscious choice to begin your journey into mastery.  And that single choice starts in this moment.  Right now.

In this moment and in every moment you have the power to choose, to choose the better feeling thought… your personal TRUTH.

The bible states “The truth will set you free.”  It will set you free and the truth is literally… the better thought.  If your thought restricts you or binds you, it is not truth and must immediately shift to something that is supportive, makes you feel good and gives you the results you seek. (click to tweet)

If you are looking to change how you think right now and for the rest of the year, the power lies within your thoughts.  I for one continually seek support from experts that support this kind of mindset.

If you would like to learn to master your thoughts and make 2013 the best year you have ever had in your business, I invite you to join Sierra and I for an introductory training happening on two dates.

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Thank you for making your shift happen in this moment.  I look forward to seeing you at the training.