I just Sisters Funny Facesreturned from a sisters weekend in Rochester, NY where I spent time with most of the women in my family, including our newest addition… baby Sadie.

Connecting with my sisters reminded me of this “oldie but goodie” personal family video from my holiday archives because its message is a great reminder of how you can make the most of your holiday- no matter what you might be struggling with.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bqUJqOtw0g?rel=0]

Rather than get caught up in things that do not matter (which is SO easy to do)… take some time this holiday season to unwind, unplug and… unwrap yourself!

After all, YOU are the true gift!

PS- Speaking of holiday gift giving, check out this great article from Time Union Healthy Living Magazine where Sierra was quoted about how to make gift giving more meaningful.   >> READ NOW << 

gift giving article