Oh that never ending to-do list!  It seems that no matter what we check off, there is always more to do the next day, and the next and… you get my point.  So, because this time of year seems to be filled with even more to-dos than ever it might be time to start looking at your list a little differently so that you stay sane enough to actually enjoy the fruits of your labor (or at least the holiday fruitcake).

Here is an awesome tool that will help you to stop wasting your precious energy on tasks that do not matter and focus on what is most important, today, tomorrow and beyond!
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If you need to ask a friend or colleague to support you in doing this… DO IT.   Your well-being is the MOST important gift you can give!

Create a list of ALL your to do’s for the next few weeks, then begin to assess them in these 4 categories.  (click to tweet)

All tasks that are going to bring you closer to a revenue generating activity
(i.e. – bring in the dollars). This also means the tasks that most feed your soul and are things that only you can truly create because they need to be created from your wisdom and knowledge.

This might be tricky at first because the tendency is to think we need to do everything. Really make an effort to get clear with what you NEED to do versus what you THINK you have to do.  (click to tweet)

All tasks that you can pass off to someone else.
This can be someone in your family, your community, your workplace, a friend, employee or ??.

It’s amazing what people are willing to help you with simply by reaching out to ask for what you need-  BUT you have to be wiling to ASK. (click to tweet) Be aware of any limiting thinking that comes up around this. Trust that by creating this delegate list, you will be guided to see those who will support you in getting your tasks done. (click to tweet)

All tasks that can get done later.
Not everything is as urgent as you think and you’ll be surprised at what can be put off, for real. (click to tweet) A good rule of thumb for this list is anything that is not directly related to income generating activity.

All tasks that can go away completely.
This is a good one! All of us have things on our lists that really don’t matter in the long run but we do them because they are easy and lets us procrastinate on other tasks. (click to tweet) As you assess your list from this perspective, you’ll be sure to find a few things that you can completely release from your action list.  What a relief that is!

I encourage you to employ this strategy every time you feel like you are spinning your wheels or feeling overwhelmed.  It’s amazing what a little honest evaluation can do for your life and biz.

Be well!