3 Easy Ways to Relieve Fear and Find Truth!

Don’t believe anything you think! Your thoughts are some of the most dangerous obstacles to your personal freedom and business success. (click to tweet)

Just the other day, I met a woman who shared some information with me that enlightened a huge piece of a truly painful experience I had a while back. For more than a year, I carried around a version of my story that made the pain of that experience still raw. Even though I felt that I had dealt with that experience and healed it, (mostly), when I was gifted this new knowledge it helped me release so much more that I didn’t even realize I was still holding on to. Hello more energy, good- bye toxic thoughts. 

What became clear is that my own beliefs and stories were literally creating more suffering than I even consciously understood. This was suffering that only I was causing and always had the power to undo. So today I want to share with you the process that I personally use to relieve my suffering when I am feeling fearful, frustrated or stuck…

1. Take responsibility.
When you find yourself feeling frustrated, angry or pissy about a situation you are probably running an old story. (click to tweet) As soon as you are able to identify that you are moving into a negative charge, stop and ask yourself, what am I feeling riled up about?  Your first thought will most likely be to blame someone else.  If that is the case, then next ask yourself, what do I believe about this situation or person?  Then ask yourself, what do I believe about myself that feels similar? And lastly, ask yourself, what would be a better belief that I can now choose to help me see this situation differently? In other words, where can you take more responsibility for the experience you are choosing to have so that you can change that experience. (click to tweet)

2. Be aware of your buttons
If something is not going according to plan (your plan) and you find yourself anxious and upset, there is probably something really powerful for you to learn. (click to tweet) Life is meant to be a flow and when we are in resistance to something is when all those negative thoughts begin to flood your pretty little head. So, next time you are feeling like things aren’t going your way, be willing to look at the source of the trigger. No, not the outside trigger! The INSIDE trigger.  The thing that is causing your buttons to be pushed. Remember, if you don’t have the button in the first place, how can anyone push it?

3. Don’t believe the hype
When you are feeling a fear; fear of doing something, saying something, or not doing something, etc… I can almost guarantee that there is a missing piece to the story you are telling yourself. (click to tweet) That missing piece could drastically change the way you are perceiving things. So, begin to ask yourself… what am I telling myself that might be contributing to this fear? Then ask, what might I be missing that could give me more courage, a different outcome or help me find the better feeling thought?

Get creative and have fun with your new story line!