Thriving while driving!

Sierra and I just returned home from a 2 month extended road trip.  It was exhilarating, exciting and exhausting all in one.  While on the road the number one question we were asked was…

“What do you guys do that allows you to take two months off?” 

At first I was stunned and did not really understand the question.  What do you mean?  You just do it.

Upon further contemplation it became aware to me that this was actually something that a lot of people are not able to do. So I decided to dig deeper and really look at why this was possible for Sierra and I.

To be perfectly clear, we are not returning from a 6-month honey moon like a friend of mine.  We actually “worked” while on the road so it wasn’t all fun and games… although at times it felt like it!  I think this old saying is fitting for this story “No matter where you go, there you are.” (click to tweet)

So how do you make “there you are” into something that can be “where ever you go?”

I can boil it down to 5 steps and it really is just about who you BE not what you DO.

So here we go…

#1  Put systems in place that support the lifestyle you want to live.
We value freedom above all. Therefore when structuring our business we did not look at what we “should” be doing based on what others told us was possible. Instead we looked at what we “wanted” to be doing and what gave us the most joy.  Simply put we want to travel, grow our reach, learn new and exciting tools that our tribe would benefit from and not be tied down to the status quo.  For us the status quo is a death sentence.  We thrive by taking risks, stretching beyond our comfort zone and trying new things. (click to tweet) In order to make this happen we need systems that will run by themselves when we are away.

#2 Prepare ahead of time and plan for your absence.
One of our signature programs is called Marketing Made Simple.  In this program we teach that it is vital to remain in front of your tribe on a constant regular basis. (click to tweet) In order to do this we created weeks of emails, campaigns, stories and VALUABLE content to keep our tribe engaged with what we were doing.  We made the trip part of the process.

#3 Ask for support and what you need
Nobody likes a flabby ask!™  It is important to always exercise your ask and receive muscle. (click to tweet) We asked our friends and our family to support us on this journey. While on the road we reached out to many people and asked for things we needed.  Many said NO but many said YES!  If you are to afraid to ask the answer will always be no. (click to tweet) So, when you are planning anything in your life… ask for support. You will be amazed at how many people want to help out.

#4 Know when to reengage and be back with your tribe
There is a time to be on the go and a time to rest. There are times when your business matters may need you to stay put and engaged more personally (or in-person) with your clients or community (your tribe).  Knowing the flow of that and planning your life, events, and promotions to support that will create a win for everyone you are here to serve.

Last and certainly not least is…

#5 You must have faith and follow your inner truth and knowing. 
You have to believe that you can create anything that you can dream up and I mean A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  (click to tweet) Many of our close friends and family said we were crazy and doing the “wrong” thing.  WAY TOO MANY!  If we bought into the hype (any of it… even the best of intended people) we would never go after our desires and dreams.  If we care what others think or listen and give in to their fears, we would never be able to stretch beyond what we know to create the life, love and happiness we know we can have (and do have).

I mentioned Marketing Made Simple earlier. This inexpensive program teaches many of these fundamental principles for creating a business that thrives off you being yourself and enjoying your life.  It also allows you to work with only the people that you love to work with.  People that inspire you. (click to tweet) People that want to be a part of your life because they admire who you are.  People that want to pay you for what you bring to the world.  I highly recommend taking it if you want to enjoy a life of freedom and a business that is fun.

You do not have to take my word for it though.  Just ask our tribe-  they’ll tell you! Connect with them on our Facebook page!

PS- Here’s a fun little video we did while working from a Malibu beach one day showing what it’s like to work on the go!

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