Did you know that with the most up to date technology and science we can measure brain activity from up to two inches from the head?  We have to be very close to the skull in order to read it.  Did you also know with using this same technology and science we have been able to measure the heart at a much greater distance of two feet.  The heart is a very powerful part of the body.  Some scientists are actually calling it the second brain and are finding that a lot of decisions made with the heart are fail proof.

With this science in mind can we use it to fulfill our ultimate desires and create the life of our dreams?  You bet you can and we have boiled it down to 3 simple yet effective steps in order to do just that.

Following your heart to create maximum results in you life and business is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1.  The first, most obvious and 100% essential piece to following your heart is to actually tune-in to what your heart is saying.  In other words, listen. I like to close my eyes, put my hand over my heart area and breathe.  When you are needing to make a decision, this helps tremendously.  Usually in decision making we get three sources of information.  One from our brains which analyzes the choice and comes it up with all the reasons we should or shouldn’t do something.  Another is from our gut, this center for knowledge is to let us know if something is “off” with what we are about to choose.  The last source of info is from your heart.  Your heart is what tells you what the best thing is for you.  At least what is best for your spiritual growth.  (click to tweet)

We often confuse this with a feeling of being home sick or “in love”.  Those messages are from your brain and get confused to most people as heart messages.  When you are in love… it appears that it is with another person but more often than not it is them opening a door inside you that allows you to feel the love that you seldom give yourself.  It’s super fun though!

2.  The second piece is to lead with your heart.  All to often we lead with our intellect and not the superior knowing of the heart.  We think it should be a certain way and do the “math” and come to a conclusion.  We hold beliefs that when you lead with you heart it is uncertain.  There is no real way of “knowing” what will come to pass.  If you actually apply some logic to it; one cannot predict how anything will go.  Heart or head is uncertain. The difference with the heart is, it works for your higher self.  Where your mind works for your ego to help keep you safe from harm.  Although it is a very practical and helpful tool.  Keeping you safe is not as necessary in today’s world.  The old fight or flight mechanism is working way to hard in the office or at home; to name one.  Leading with your heart is scary because we are not use to it.  We have been taught the value of intellect and not the value of feeling.  (click to tweet)

Look at the world we live in.  It is masculine or intellect dominant and not very feminine or heart dominant.  As a culture we view the feminine as weak and therefore place little value on its ability.  On the contrary it is equally as powerful.  It just flows in an unpredictable way so therefore can be perceived as weak.  Is the ocean less powerful than the predictable mountain?

We do not lead with the heart because it can move like an ocean and be destructive.  The more we use it though, the more we can harness its power.  Leading with your heart will always carry you to where you want to go. (click to tweet)

I was at a 1 day martial arts intensive about a year ago.  As crazy as it sounds one of the exercises was to squeeze your partners neck until they passed out… literally choke your partner!  The point of this exercise was to open your heart and lead with love.  When you sent love to the “choker” there was no way they could knock you out.  I was amazed.  When I thought about other things or sent fear, anger or doubt…. bam I would pass right out.  When I led with love even the teachers, master martial artists, could not knock me out.  It was amazing and eyeopening.  Love truly is an awesome power.  And love flows from the heart.  (click to tweet)

3.  The third piece is to follow your hearts message.  We teach that believing is seeing.  If you believe something, you will always manifest proof of that belief in the world.  If you are always believing you are broke and do not have enough money, you will always manifest that actuality in your life.  How is it that others in the same profession with the same skills can make oodles of cash while others remain broke?  It comes down to what an individual believes to be truth.  When you follow the message of your heart you are accessing a higher truth.  It is fail proof.  (click to tweet)