As success coaches, we often deal with peoples fears. In fact it is the number one reason they come to us for support.  And we are excellent at helping our clients work through their fears because of the fact that we personally face so many ourselves.

Being in business for yourself is downright scary at times and there is a smorgasbord of fears that are always waiting in the wings to stop you from your success.  Every day in my business, I face fears. Somedays I am a world conqueror and other days I am more meek and slow to overcome what my mind is telling me to keep me “safe.”

In fact, just today as I write this article, I am facing fears.  Fear that I won’t give you the support or inspiration you seek.  Fear that no one will care about what I write.  Fear that I will lose people off my list.  Fear that you won’t like what I have to say.  I could go on and on.

FEAR is something that never seems to go away. The more you step toward your goals, the more your ego works to keep you safe and protected (more fears!). When this happens it helps to remember that fear is just excitement without breath. (click to tweet)

So, in order to keep yourself moving totally forward, here are a few tips that have helped us to move beyond our daily fears to get to where we are today.

1. Acknowledge the Fear.
When you find yourself not wanting to do something that you know will help move you forward, it’s important to stop what you are doing and get real about how you are feeling. Take a moment to listen to what your thoughts are saying.  Write them down and then address each thought from a rational place to see what’s real and what is being made up. Just by bringing awareness to your fears will give you the power to begin to transmute it.  (click to tweet)

2. Action Leads to Clarity
Fear can be a paralyzing emotion which will keep you stuck and spinning your wheels.  Staying in action will eventually lead to clarity.  We teach a principle in our marketing course called-  Test, Track, Tweak.  When in doubt, TEST it out.  Put yourself out there in some way and see what the response is.  Get curious about what will happen if you take action on something and be ready to gain knowledge about what the response is to your action (TRACK).  From that knowledge you can then TWEAK how you go about doing the next action which is what gives you the clarity you need to move forward in a way that is more effective.

3. Clarity Leads to Confidence
The more action I take, the more clarity I get which gives me more confidence to keep going. (click to tweet) Inventors see every failure as a success because it gives them the knowledge of what not to do next time which in turn gets them closer to what will work.  One must commit to staying the course in order to see where that course will lead. (click to tweet)

Often when we don’t get the expected desire, we stop ourselves from moving forward and run back ‘home’ where we get even more convinced that our fears were right. This just leads to more fear and keeps you paralyzed.  Keep taking action so that you get clarity and become more confident in what direction you need to go. (click to tweet)

Following your dream is not a comfortable process. If it were, everyone would be doing it. (click to tweet) It takes perseverance, passion, drive, commitment and courage. The bigger the dream, the wider we have to expand to receive what we desire. The wider we expand, the more open we are.  The more open we are the more vulnerable we feel.  The more vulnerable we feel, the more healing is available to us.

Healing can be a painful process. That is why many shy away from their dreams.  It takes healing. Are you ready to heal?  Then face those fears.  It is the path to your greatness and to a healed humanity.