How does one go with the flow when everything around you is nuts.

95.7% of the time I am very good with “going with the flow”.  However, I still find that in times of struggle… financial, relational or otherwise, I end up fighting against the current.  The pattern I see happening is that I become exhausted and think that I am exhausted because of the stress of the struggle.  What I have come to understand recently is that this belief is an absolute and utter lie.

What?!!!  How could this be a lie?  Why would I be lying to myself?  Of course it MUST be due to the stress and struggle.

The reality is that I choose the struggle.  I choose to make something mean more that it needs to.  Or in some cases less than it really is!  By choosing to see these struggles as such, I remove myself from the flow and start to make up stories about how “hard” life is.  When in reality life is only as hard as I perceive it to be.

By getting out of my flow and swimming up stream its a given that  I will be tired because I am fighting the current. (click to tweet)  If I let go for even a moment and look beyond the perception of struggle then I can begin to see what is really going on.  The reason I am struggling is because I am tired of fighting to get up stream.

If I could only realize that if I let go and allow my self to float with the current…  the stream meets back up and brings me, with ease, to were I want to be. (click to tweet)

Its kinda funny but oh so true.  The law of attraction works in a similar way.  It’s about receiving the gift that is in front of you so that more of the gifts you want “flow” to you.  The gift I am choosing is to see this.

Life is a challenge or life is fun.  I am choosing fun and going with the flow. (click to tweet)

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