As the members of Life Stylized filtered into the center today we noticed there was a new member joining our staff. His desk sits on the ledge of the windowsill where he can oversee everything going on in the office. Our new friend is not a human but a grasshopper. In noticing this creature sitting so peacefully on the windowsill we became curious as to why he was there. Some discussion came up about how grasshoppers were considered lucky so we further investigated grasshopper symbology.

In researching we discovered the positive omen that landed inside the windowsill on the second story of this urban building. Grasshoppers represent a leap of faith into a foreign area without fear. This can be seen as change in location, relationships, career, or simply how we perceive ourselves. The most interesting part is that grasshoppers can only jump forward. This brings an aspect of positivity, the grasshopper can’t move sideways or backward only forward. This little grasshopper gave all of us an awareness that change is coming, good change, change that will move us forward.

We encourage you to be like our grasshopper friend; keep moving forward. Get past what is keeping you down in your business or life. Take the leap and move forward. Don’t let the fear of losing or failing get in the way. We all have dreams some big, some small, some we are constantly talking about and attempting, and some we keep locked away deep down. Examine those dreams whatever they may be and take action. Make your time for change now and take the leap you’ve wanted to do but have been afraid of. Be bold and remember there is no failure only feedback. Especially when you are moving forward like our little grasshopper friend sitting on the ledge of our 2nd floor window. Moving on up!