Earlier this year when Rono and I wanted to get tickets to attend the Burningman Festival which are offered up through a random lottery process, we set powerful intention to make that happen.  The odds were definitely against us in many ways, yet we didn’t let our thoughts worry about that.  Instead, we stayed in thought alignment by imagining ourselves at the festival and expecting to get the tickets.

Today, after having driven all the way from Saratoga Springs to get here, we are just two days away from arriving at the gates of Burningman.  How did we make that happen? Clear intentions and a control of our thoughts.

Would you like to better understand how to manifest the things you want to you?

Often time people get bogged down in everything they need to do and don’t take the time to think about what they want.  You need to trust that what you desire will come to you, don’t force it. You can gain everything you want and more just by understanding and taking responsibility for your intentions.

Many of you may be familiar with the concept of the law of attraction.  This states that basically you attract into your life whatever you think about.  It isn’t automatic but a long process where your thoughts turn into your reality.  This idea is up to much scrutiny because there are many concepts that can’t be explained by this.  For example what happens when people put out conflicting thoughts and intentions?

To answer this we have to delve deeper into a belief system known as “subjective reality.” The basic concepts of subjective reality are that there is only one consciousness; YOU are the single consciousness, and that everything and everyone in reality is a projection of your thoughts. This explains what happens when people have conflicting thoughts because your thoughts are the only real thoughts.  If you view another persons thoughts as conflicting that’s what they will be but if you see your thoughts as truth then that is what they will be. I know you may be thinking WHAT???… this is too far out for me to digest, so let’s break it down.

You are the only source of intentions in your reality.  (click to tweet)

What you think is happening is what is happening in your reality.  If you give up control by thinking about chance, randomness, and uncertainty then that is what you will get.  Whatever you think about you manifest.  (click to tweet) What you think about other people in your reality will be eventually how they are manifested.

It’s important to understand that your intentions are hierarchical.  For example if you have an intention of gaining a raise in your job but have an over arching intention that the longer you are at a company the more money you should get, your coworker who was there 3 years before you, with less of a skill set will gain the raise.

How do you become cognizant of the way you control your reality? How will this get you what you want and need? First you must assume responsibility for your thoughts.  When you do this you have the power to control your reality by channeling your thoughts in different way.  Recognize what you are thinking, own it, and channel it in a positive direction.  (click to tweet)

Also keep in mind that in order to see the change you want to see you must have that intention for all of your reality and everyone in it.  If you only think about that change for yourself you will be thinking about conflict, which will manifest itself.  Stay in touch with your emotions.  When you are feeling sad chances are you are thinking about something you don’t want.  (click to tweet)  Don’t let that intention manifest.  Instead channel that thought into the positive side that will make you happy and manifest what you actually want rather then what you don’t.  You can get what you want.  Pay with the idea of subjective reality.  Try it on for size using these basic guidelines.  You will see the change you want in your reality.