Are you feeling stuck? Like you aren’t getting what you deserve? Well then listen up…

Every single one of us can have and deserves abundance in any form you desire.  Get out of your comfort zone and discover what abundance means to you.  (click to tweet)

The dictionary describes abundance as an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity, an overflowing fullness, and/or affluent wealth.  After reading this definition the one described as overflowing fullness really stuck out.  What do you need in your life to create this sense of overflowing fullness? What makes you feel full?

Figuring out the answer to this question is the first step in letting abundance flow into your life.  When you pinpoint what exactly you need to be full you will recognize this thing coming to you in all aspects of your life.  Be cognizant of what you need.

Open yourself up and shift your perspective.  Examine different things in both your interior and exterior environment that prevent you from gaining abundance and work to overcome them. Declutter and organize your environments to be clear in what exactly you need.  (click to tweet)

By shifting your perspective from thinking abundance is something you achieve to understanding abundance is something you deserve you are on your way to gaining overflowing fullness.

So now you understand what you need to do, but where do you begin? Here are 10 easy mindset changes that can bring you abundance in your life:

1)     Love and accept yourself- If you don’t no one will

2)    Feel connected in your relationships, not alone- there are strengths in numbers

3)    Understand clearly what you want- know your goals

4)    Create a healthy relationship with money- understand it’s worth to you’re abundance and take it for that worth

5)    Be a good receiver in all areas of your life- be open to abundance coming from everywhere and anywhere

6)    Give unconditionally- people will respond to this and give back somehow someway even if it is not directly felt

7)    Enjoy a strong sense of purpose- you know what you are meant to do in this world, do it

8)    Do not carry grievances- forgive people that have done you wrong and you can only gain more positivity

9)    Practice gratitude daily- recognize and be thankful for everything that comes to you

10) Be fully present in your life- this is your time on earth, make the best of it and live day to day fully present in your endeavors

Here are the tools, go out and become full.  Gain your abundance whatever that means to you.