By Kailyn Mooney

What is a tribe? A group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader and connected to an idea.  We can see tribes all around us from our kids at school to the local elks club; tribes infiltrate our lives and connect people together who believe in the same ideals.

A tribe can be very powerful in creating a business or idea that you want to spark a greater movement.  Now with the social web creating a tribe has become fairly easy, tribes are forming everywhere.  There are two main aspects to a tribe; a shared interest and a way of communication.  All it takes is one person to step up and put their ideas out there and people will follow.  Creating a tribe establishes a comfortable setting for developing relationships and accountability to leverage each other. Tribes also offer a forum for people to learn from one another. By leveraging each other we can create a greater ripple and reach people we had never dreamed of reaching.  Your tribe soon becomes one tribe within a larger web of tribes interconnecting to create a movement.

The use of a tribe establishes a better understanding for the leader of who s/he is leading and what exactly their strengths and goals are.  In knowing this you can create a system that uses everyone to the best of their abilities in their skill set for the greater movement of the tribe.

We now see the idea of tribe slowly making its way into the business and the marketing world, but what is holding people back?  Experts classify two roadblocks as fear and factory.  Fear comes from the worry that you will be criticized for your ideas.  No matter what you do in life there will be some people that like you and some that don’t, some people that you can relate to and some you can’t.  Don’t let the fear of criticism hold you back, it is something we all face daily.  If you put your ideas out there you are bound to find people that agree with you or are even just curious, and that’s how you can begin to build your tribe.  The second roadblock factory comes from the mindset created during the industrial revolution, where the working people took the role as employee or manager.  The role of leader was always held in the hands of the wealthy.  News flash it is 2012 we are in a new age where anyone can gain leadership if they step up and take it.  We have the Internet to thank for that.  By posting your ideas on social networking sites you can reinvent yourself as a leader, create a following and build up your tribe.

With the power of your tribe standing behind you and your ideas you can create a system based on leveraging each other for the success of the whole and you will be heard.  This is a powerful concept, take action, be a leader and start your tribe.