by Kaylin Mooney

It is summertime, the sun is shinning and the air is hot. As you sit at work you daydream about going to the beach, having a barbeque with your friends, or buying that beautiful sundress you’ve been dying to wear this weekend. During the summer managing your money is the last thing on your mind. You just want to go have fun and enjoy the season.

We’re here to tell you to stop… take a breath and look at your money situation and mindset this summer. Your money mindset is your beliefs and perspectives about money. People have different money mindsets that are established at a young age often influenced by parents or guardians. Your money mindset can limit you but by understanding your money mindset and altering it you can break through and start making more money.

This summer wrap your mind around the concept that you should treat money like you would a person you are dating and want to create a strong lasting relationship with.

At the start of any good relationship you want to really get to know the person you are dating. Get to know your money situation and mindset. Organizing and categorizing your spending is a great starting point for this. Websites such as or using excel spreadsheets can be greatly helpful with this.

Once you understand were your money is going, take a look at your money mindset and try to figure out its roots. When you become cognizant of this it becomes easier to consciously change it. The actions and decisions you make around money will be directly effected.

After you get to know your partner in a new relationship you start to build a respect for them as your relationship blossoms. Build a respect for your money. Don’t always look at it in a negative fearful way. Understand the great value it brings to your life; look at it as something special that you care about. Respect it and don’t spend it frivolously. Look at your spending, see where you are spending the most and make an effort to cut down. This will create a better respect for money in your mind and wallet.

Once you have an understanding and respect for your partner in a relationship you can develop and create a strong bond. You understand their strengths and weaknesses and don’t take advantage of them and their value. This is what you need to do with your money. As more money comes to you don’t take advantage of it and upgrade your lifestyle to match your new income. This will leave you in the same rut you have been in. In your mind see the great value of this new money, cherish it and save it.

This summer take your finances out for dinner and a movie, become acquainted, get to know each other, build respect and create a lasting relationship.