By Kaylin Mooney

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in your zone of competence? No matter how much you work hard and market yourself you can’t push yourself forward to start making more money, create better relationships, and express yourself creatively.  This issue is known as the upper limit problem. 

Everyone has an internal thermostat that determines his or her capacity for love, success and creativity.  Your thermostat creates an upper limit for yourself in early childhood. This setting is developed based on your attempts as a child to take care of the feelings of others. You sacrifice yourself or your feelings for what you parents, grandparents, teachers, or siblings want.  This creates a limit to your personal success, love and creativity.  This upper limit holds us back.  When you start to exceed the setting of this limit, we as humans sabotage ourselves and drop back into the zone where we feel comfortable.  It keeps us from entering our zone of excellence and even our zone of genius.

Guilt plays a large role in keeping us restrained by our upper limit. When you start making extra money or find a deeper love connection you may feel as though you don’t deserve it.  You are used to making and feeling less and the idea of gaining and deserving more becomes scary.  Your old belief of a lower limit is clashing with your new belief of greater love, success and creativity.  In this clash, one belief system will win and overpower the other. If you let your old belief system win you will be sweltering your new capacity foe positive feelings.  If you allow you new success to flourish you can expand your capacity for success, love and creativity as well as break down your old upper limit.  If you let yourself enjoy your new success you will expand your personal range for enjoyment.  You will then be able to gain financial abundance, increase the love you feel and the creativity you express will swell.

Don’t let your upper limit bog you down and keep you from flourishing!

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