The 2012 Venus Transit!
Success and power is falling into your lap.
By Kailyn Mooney

Every 120 years a solar fascination happens known as the transit of Venus. Venus and the sun cross paths regularly, but the transit of Venus is the rare occasion when Venus passes directly between the earth and the Sun. You can see Venus as a small dot moving across the face of the sun. This phenomenon can be seen this Tuesday and Thursday starting at 6:04 PM.

Venus Transit, 1526 ushered in the Age of Renaissance
Venus Transit, 1639 ushered in the Age of Reason
Venus Transit, 1769 ushered in the Age of Enlightenment
Venus Transit, 1882 ushered in the Age of Imperialism

Similar to an eclipse, the transit of Venus causes electromagnetic force lines and plasma flux ropes will cross over. What does this mean for your business? Venus is an earthly planet, which means what Venus delivers and takes away are manifestly felt. This planet seeks gratification, pleasure, and fulfillment as well as supports aspiration, success and achievement in life. The Sun fuels existence through its nuclear and spiritual power and controls life with heat and energy. In the transit of Venus this massive planet and star become aligned and we can expect something successful and powerful to happen.

Historically the transit of Venus has marked periods of revolution in the world. So as you’re out gazing at this once in a lifetime occurrence think about your business and how you can funnel the success and power coming from the universe into your life. With the alignment of the Sun and Venus to aid and guide you, there is no better time to start taking action and making changes to ensure your success.

Happy transit of Venus everyone!