The Power of an Irresistible Offer in Public Speaking

Temptation is an irresistible force at work on a movable body. Henry Louis Mencken

Many describe Public Speaking as potentially the most fearful experience they can imagine. No matter how often they are reassured – it is difficult to believe these fears can be almost entirely eliminated by a series of simple preparatory steps.

For example, one of the most important decisions, even before defining a speech or a presentation, is to determine the Irresistible Offer – which is the core of your presentation or speech.

This requires two things. First know the audience. This goes beyond just knowing who they are and why they are attending. It is essential to go deeper and conduct research to determine their…

  • Fears and aspirations?
  • Wants and desires?
  • Priorities and needs?
  • Anxiety and frustration?
  • Optimism or pessimism?
  • Perceptions and expectations?
  • Questions and concerns?
  • Habits and compulsions?
  • Values and beliefs?
  • Dreams and goals?

The more you know about your audience the more precisely you can tune your presentation content to meet and match their needs.

The second thing we need to determine, even before considering the speech itself, is what is your Irresistible Offer/Content?

When developing an effective speech or a memorable presentation you have to ask and answer three important questions.

  1.  What do you want your audience to KNOW?
  2. What do you want your audience to DO?
  3. What do you want your audience to FEEL?

Think back to any recent presentations you have heard or attended.

  • Do you remember the key points of the speech?
  • Have you taken any action as a result?
  • Was the speech compelling, irresistible and memorable?

Why would anybody listen to or develop a speech or presentation, which failed to deeply connect with the audience, which failed to stimulate and arouse emotions or which failed to add such value to the audience they experienced a lasting, positive and productive impact?


… Is your speech, product or service truly Irresistible to your client, customer & audience?

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