Does God Know Where to Send YOUR Money?

For years in my business I struggled. I was the hardest working broke person I knew. It seemed that no matter how consistent my efforts were, they yielded very little ROI in the tangible means I need to thrive. I couldn’t figure it out to save my life until one day someone pointed out to me that I was too scattered in my message and offerings for God to know where to send the big money.

That landed! Big time!

I am such a creative person with so many interests that for years in my business I was making these deadly mistakes that kept me from getting true financial traction in my business…

• Trying to speak to too many people at once
• Being focused on serving everyone instead of someone
• Not being specific enough in my marketing messages
• Working on too many projects at once

From the outside, it looked like I was up to amazing things. And I was, but financially I was on a roller coaster without the thrills and it was causing me to question everything about myself.

Sound familiar?

The day I realized that I was watering down my business success with my wide casting net, I committed to getting focused. I committed to getting crystal clear on who I serve. I made a promise to myself that I would stick to doing ONE thing at a time.

And it worked!

Clients started to come, my bank account started to grow and I began to feel like my purpose had finally begun to unfold. Simply put, I was back in flow and life was feeling GOOD!

So I ask you…
– Are you crystal clear on who specifically you are meant to serve with your business?
– Are clients finding you easily and happily paying for your services?
– Is your marketing effective?

If the answer is NO, then join us for our upcoming Heart-centered Marketing workshop for world changing business owners where we will teach you exactly how to improve your efforts so that you too can help the people you are meant to serve and stop struggling!

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