Sure God created man before woman. But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece.

When you see a group of children running across a playground it is difficult not to smile. You are instantly young again, or at least in heart, reminded of the unrestrained joy of those carefree days. It is interesting how boys and girls express this exuberance differently as they are released from the constraints of a classroom.

The boys burst across the ground in a straight line, like sprinters released from blocks. They are instantly competitive and aggressive; like ants desperately protecting their nest, as they jostle and push and shove and roughhouse.

By contrast girls skip and dance and flow across the ground. They rhythmically spring and skip from step-to-step, as though responding to irresistible inner music. Once this creative ballet has been excised they gather in groups and engage in animated, joyful, energetic and uninhibited conversation.

The question is – where does the skip go?

Somewhere in the early teens the skip disappears. It is not gone – but it does seem to be suppressed and discarded. It is as though this expression of the joy of living is no longer necessary or it is constrained by the inhibition of some arcane standard of behavior?

Life certainly gets in the way of life?

The rarest thing in the world is a woman who is pleased with photographs of herself? Elizabeth Metcalf

As women get older, balancing children, family and career they often discover something is missing in their lives, and something critical to their core values, to their self-esteem and to their self-confidence.

Rediscover the skip!

It is obviously not just the act of dancing or skipping through life. It is however, a physical and a spiritual reassessment of who they are, who they have become, and where they see the quality of their lives … moving forward.

Sierra J. Sullivan has been gathering, energizing and inspiring women for as long as she can remember. She organized and led the highly successful Woman’s Fest in Saratoga Springs in 2010, in celebration of the centennial of International Woman’s Day.

She has created an extraordinary two and a half day ‘live experience’ for women, called Fun, Fabulous & Feminine, to be held at the Life Stylized Center, at 444 Broadway in Saratoga Springs, Friday through Sunday, March 23-25th.

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What will happen at this extraordinary live experience?

You will certainly get your skip back!

You will certainly meet and mix with extraordinary women.

You will certainly positively transform your relationship with yourself.

You will certainly have a lot of fun!