Do I look fat in this outfit?

Do I look fat in this outfit?  That is every man’s dreaded question from the woman or women they love.  Most of them have learned by now that there really is NO good answer to that question.  Men know that their woman usually has her own distorted view of her body thanks to many societal factors and made-up beliefs.

Usually that question comes when a woman is feeling overwhelmed, under appreciated, overworked, or just plain PMS overtaken. When a woman begins to pick at her appearance (or others), there is usually a bigger underlying cause than her weight.  When we are feeling rested, nurtured, confident and loved we are less inclined to take issue with the way we look in our clothes. Sure, our weight fluctuates over the years causing us to re-evaluate our lifestyle  and exercise choices but women are really good at overcoming these minor challenges on a whole.  

So when a woman finds herself looking in the mirror and feeling bad about her appearance, most likely there is a self-doubt or comparison issue going on.  When that happens there is a small window of opportunity to “save her” from a fast downward spiral. So listen up men cause here is the BEST way I know to help that woman make a quick shift from sad to fab!

Walk up to her and tenderly take her by the hands, look lovingly into her eyes and say, “Honey, you are beautiful and when you feel great, my world lights up. So go change into something that makes you feel great!”

So ladies-  give yourself some slack.  Always focus on feeling great and you WILL shine that greatness.  Men… be patient with us and love us through our process!

Here’s to feeling GREAT and BEING GREAT no matter what size or shape you are!

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