You are not alone.

“When it comes to our healing, we must do it by ourselves… But we cannot do it alone.”  – David Neagle

I had a heart-opening morning in deep conversation with my husband. As we were working through our process a beautiful flock of Robins and one Cardinal bird gathered on a tree outside our window.

It reminded me that even when we think we are alone…in the cold, unable to see past the storm, we are surrounded by others who are in it as well.

That inspiration plus my own inner process gave me what I needed to write to you today. Perhaps it will help you to see that no matter how great your struggles are, you are not alone.

Life is full of challenges. Sometimes it’s just plain hard. Even though I hear what all the masters say about change not needing to be hard…I often struggle with that. I believe most of us do.
Change is constant, that I know for sure. And the more I find myself attached to what I believe, the harder it is to change. That’s when I find myself in struggle, pain and fear.  But on the other side, if I am courageous enough to be grateful for the process, I find myself closer to spirit, closer to my purpose, and closer to a human experience of lightness, ease, flow and grace.

I believe that my soul committed to this life long before my body formed, and in that choice came the lessons I face to help me become the person I yearn to be. I am reminded of that every time I step closer to my purpose and walk solidly on my chosen path.

The road of self-awareness is one of many lessons and every person and experience I encounter along the way is here, in one way another, for my healing. Life is good when I remember that. Life is challenging when I forget. What gets me through is knowing that I am not alone. You are not alone. We are not alone. We have each other. 

Have you asked someone to hold you recently? Have you reached out to your women friends to comfort you? Have you sought out a safe place to feel seen? Do you need someone to listen to you with loving ears?

I know I need do and for that very reason I am driven to create meaningful gatherings for you to have this too. By creating it for you, I create this for me.  Healer heal thyself. That is why I am so passionate about what I do. Life really doesn’t need to be hard and when we have a tribe to support us, through the shifts, it surprisingly isn’t so hard. In fact it’s inspirational and DOABLE!

Have you found your tribe?  Are you ready to be supported in your healing?

Please allow me to assist you. Join me for a transformational and deeply healing experience for women- Fun, Fabulous & Feminine. Visit today to learn more and sign-up for one of our F.REE intro  events. 

Your tribe awaits!

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